Throwback – SEO & Google Algorithm Update in 2016

A lot of people want to know more about SEO and the Google updates in the 2016. Google is always trying to protect its main business, and they are working hard to keep their search results relevant to any user out there. We are going to let you know a little bit about what Google has in store for you in terms of its algorithm updates and much more So read on to find out more

Summary of Google & SEO in 2016
You will need to optimize for both user satisfaction and intent. So you will need to write high-quality content that can deliver what the end user wants to see on your page. Meeting the needs of your visitors is what your page should be all about, and Google will reward you for it in 2016. Focus on user experience and your search engine rankings will improve over time. Remember that unique content is king in 2016. Keyword research is all important when it comes to ranking a high quality page.

googleupdate2016Google Updates and Changes That Was Rolled Out 
Google removed right-column ads from Google AdWords, which had strong implications for organic results’ CTR as well Mobile friendly sites will have a better chance of getting high Google rankings down the road this year There happened to be tons of post-Penguin activity in 2016. Penguin 4.0 will demote your web page if you have spam content in it The site will be pushed back, and Google will make sure that the spam site will not get any ranking for their system. Google said that Penguin 4.0’s impact will take time, as the search engine giant crawls the whole World Wide Web.

Effects on Ranking
The Penguin updates has been very important for Google. Penguin’s filter will detect any kind of spam site that wants to game Google’s search results. Penguin will catch any site that the system deems spammy. These sites will remain with a red flag even after the Penguin filter has run the next time This process might even take months to take place. The latest release of Penguin just comes real-time. It means that the system will reindex and recrawl pages instantly, and this situation happens constantly. You will see the changes that happen to your search results faster, as Penguin is now faster too.

Remember that Penguin is more granular now The system will use spam signals to devaluate any spammy site out there quickly and easily. Penguin will not only affect a particular page but also can affect folder and other parts of any website out there. Entire keywords and keyword groups can also be affected by Penguin down the road. SEO specialists and the webmaster will have a hard time trying to diagnose any small Penguin penalty because of the famous Penguin 2.0.

Why Did These Changes Happen?
These changes happened because Google wants to give its users the most relevant and useful search results on the planet. You should not panic about the reach of these chances, as it is just a waste of energy and time You also need to see whether your web properties have been impacted by these changes. If your website has been SEOed the right way, you need not think about any problem at all Your job as an SEO expert is delivering high quality websites full of engaging content. That’s what Google is looking for at all times.

What to look forward on 2017
You need to understand that the search business is the core of Google’s earning power, and the firm will go above and beyond to protect its position as the undisputable leader in the search engine landscape worldwide. It is also about a user’s search experience, as Google does not want any visitor to switch to any alternative search engine. So your website must be easy to use and relevant if you want to get top rankings in Google or any other search engine out there.

Remember also that content will continue to be king whether you like it or not As you can see, Google is working hard to keep its position as the market leader in the search engine arena. They have updated their algorithm a lot of times, and they are also working harder to make changes in real time to their search results. You don’t have to panic about the recent changes that come with Penguin or Panda, because it is all about relevancy and quality content.

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