Digital Marketing & SEO Services Offered

Louie Ramos offers a wide range of SEO and digital marketing services for brands of all sizes. From getting new start-up businesses off the ground to creating structured online marketing campaigns for large corporate brands – Louie has a solution that is right for you.

Whether you need SEO and digital marketing services for a static website or a large e-commerce storefront, Louie takes the same, multi-faceted, in-depth approach to helping his clients exceed their marketing goals.

Louie’s Process

Louie’s process begins with an  in-depth keyword research analysis to determine the most relevant keywords for his client’s brand. From there, Louie will incorporate those keywords to increase the website’s organic rankings using custom SEO methodologies that have been created specifically for each client.

Once the keywords have been put into place and the site is seeing an increase in organic traffic, Louie will then analyze the site’s traffic data and landing pages in order to formulate an effective plan to increase conversion rates and turn those visitors into customers.

The third phase of Louie’s process involves doing diligent research into competitors’ marketing campaigns and search engine rankings to see where his clients’ campaigns can be revamped to outrank their competition.

Services Offered

Keyword Research and Analysis – Finds relevant keywords that best reflect a brand’s image and service offerings to increase its search engine rankings for those terms.

Search Engine Optimization – Incorporates relevant keywords into a website’s content and web addresses to improve visibility within the search engines, thereby increasing the site’s search engine ranking as a result. This is made effective by implementing effective and efficient link building campaigns.

Landing Page and On-Page Optimization – Improves the visibility of landing pages and various website pages within the search engines with relevant keywords and phrases to improve search engine rankings.

Content Marketing – Creating content like blog posts, articles and infographics that incorporate relevant keywords and backlinks to improve a website’s discoverability, increase traffic and improve conversion rates. We also utilise the power of micro sites & other medias to funnel the traffic and leads to the money site.

Social Media Marketing – Using various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase a brand’s exposure, build traffic, engage followers and improve conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – To create paid ads on large sites with lots of traffic to increase a brand’s exposure, drive traffic and increase conversion rates while keeping marketing costs within the budget pre-determined by the client.

Online Reputation Management – Replaces negative feedback, links, information and opinions about a brand with positive content that ranks higher than the negative content in the search engines so that would-be consumers are not swayed by a false, derogatory impression of a specific brand during their search.

White Label SEO Services – Louie can provide white label SEO services for digital firms that may not have a dedicated SEO team on staff. His contracted SEO services can be re-branded and re-sold under the firm’s label as their own, thereby increasing their marketability and expanding their repertoire of services without having to invest in additional full-time employees.

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