Internal Linking: A Guide On How To Boost Your SEO

Despite the importance of internal linking in boosting the SEO profile of websites, most people today still find it a difficult concept to grasp. While the current over emphasis on the use of backlinks to enhance SEO rankings may be to blame for your lack of proficiency on the subject, it’s still no excuse considering its benefits. Here therefore is a guide to help you get started.

onsite-seo-checklistDefinition and Benefits of Internal Links
An internal link interconnects one webpage to another on your website. As such, they are not only paths for search engines to crawl through, they also maximize the views per page as visitors are now more prone to progress from one page to the other. As a result, a user now spends more time on your site which reduces its bounce rate. This in turn increases the overall visibility and SEO ranking across all your webpages.

An internally linked site also has a clear hierarchical structure which makes it easier to navigate. Users are therefore less likely to get lost trying to find something and as a consequence, will most likely return to the site in the future. So how best do you use such a valuable tool to your advantage? The following are tips you will find useful.

Principles of Internal Linking
Focus On Content
Regardless of the number or strength of the internal links you may have, there is no substitute for quality content. Invest just as much time in creating appropriate, relevant and trending content to draw visitors to your site.

Appropriate Number of Internal Links
How many you should have is really a question of how much content you have on your site. You can therefore have anywhere from 2 for small sites to 15 for large ones. That said however, you should not just stuff your website with them for the sake of it.

Careful Selection of Anchor Text
This is a make or break issue as anchor text gives clues to both users and search engine bots on what the link is all about. You should always seek to naturally use appropriate text in a manner that is both fresh and relevant.

3 Clicks To The Home Page
That no page should ever be this far away is the unspoken rule of website organization and SEO optimization. Although not cast in stone, this is a requirement that you are best advised to adhere to whenever you can.

Deeper Linking Is Key
Most often, you will be tempted to make the common mistake of linking to your home or contact page. Instead of linking to something on the menu, its best to link to pages up to three levels away.

Product Linking
To enable buyers to scout for different products and offers as well as increase your sales on an e-commerce site, link similar products based on traits such as target age group, colour or brand to name a few.

To effectively increase the visibility, SEO ranking, user appeal and value of your website, you do not have to resort to complex methods. All you have to do is try internal linking and it numerous benefits for a change.

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