How To Convince Your Boss He NEEDS An SEO Strategy

Dealing with a boss that doesn’t quite grasp the importance of a strong online marketing campaign can be frustrating. They usually have some idea about online marketing – such as advertising on a website or two, posting random updates to the company Facebook page (if it has one) or pecking out a blog post here and there to throw up on the brand’s homepage.

When their limited marketing efforts fail to bring in more business as they hoped, some CEOs may begin pointing fingers and assuming whomever they left in charge of marketing (you) isn’t doing their job. The need for a solid online marketing campaign that includes a structured SEO strategy isn’t an easy sell for most bosses. They only see the extra cost, time and effort involved in such an undertaking, without focusing on the benefits professional SEO services provide.

The good news is – we have a solution to your dilemma.

The next time you find yourself in this situation, use these handy talking points to convince your boss that he needs an SEO strategy and win the argument once and for all.

seo-boss-convinceSEO increases visibility of your brand.

According to data from Search Engine Watch, the first page of search results for any given keyword receives 92% of the traffic generated by the search.  If your brand isn’t there, it’s buried. A strong SEO campaign will improve your brand’s search engine ranking so that it ranks higher than your competitors. Doing so increases your brand’s visibility and helps you stand out amongst your competitors.

SEO helps build your brand and establish you as an authority in your niche.

If people are searching for a specific product or service that you offer and your company keeps showing up in the search results every time they look for that product or service, those people are going to associate your company with that product or service every time they think of it. Those people are going to recommend your company for that product or service to anyone else who needs it because they remember your company’s name – creating a slow, steady flow of would-be customers checking you out.

SEO increases conversion rates.

A solid SEO strategy brings your targeted market right to your website by pairing your relevant keywords with consumer searches. This means you will only attract would-be customers who are ready to invest in what you have to offer. Because they are actively searching for something you offer, these targeted consumers are more likely to invest in your product or service, thereby increasing your conversion rates.

SEO is evergreen.

Traditional methods of advertising usually run their course and expire after a pre-determined amount of time. When the ads disappear, so does your traffic. However, the benefits of SEO are evergreen and will continue to draw traffic, increase conversion rates and build your brand for months and years to come, once a strategic SEO campaign has been implemented.

SEO is an investment in your brand.

Most CEOs of smaller businesses want to keep overhead low so their profit margin doesn’t decrease.  The truth is, SEO is an investment in your brand, not an extra cost. And that investment will pay for itself time and time again over the coming months in the new business it attracts. Conversely, not investing in a solid SEO campaign could end up costing you money in the long run by lost business.

SEO benefits are measurable.

If your boss is like most CEOs, he wants to see for himself what is and isn’t working for him. He wants to know his money is being well spent, that his business is booming and the future looks bright ahead. Every aspect of a SEO campaign is measurable so that your ROI can be determined at any phase of the campaign.

The competition is already using SEO.

Any niche is a competitive niche. That is why it is imperative to stay one step ahead of your competitors with the products and services you offer as well as your marketing strategies. Savvy business owners are well aware of the benefits of a great SEO campaign and one of those benefits is having a competitive edge over everyone else – which means your company, unless you’re using SEO as your secret marketing weapon as well.

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