How To Avoid Getting Banned & Losing Your Top Search Engine Ranking

googleseorankingsAs Digital Marketing continues to take root in Australia and the rest of the world, more and more businesses are joining in on this trend. Yes! Some of us still wonder why, but if you ask around, you’ll find out that Australian Digital Marketing Agencies have developed well-crafted SEO strategies that can be tremendously beneficial to you and your business in ways you’ve never imagined.

But! In as much as these SEO services can be ideal for your business, they can also be very destructive if done the wrong way. And that’s why it is recommended that you learn a few things to help you find SEO service providers that will make not break your business.

First of all, as a keen Australian entrepreneur, you should know that there are plenty of SEO techniques that modern search engines will deem undesirable and as a result, your sites not only lose their good ranking but also get banned or flagged because of using some of those techniques. Below are a few common SEO mistakes that sloppy SEO service providers in Australia often make;

1. The Wrong Choice of Fonts and Colours.

Always remember what fonts and colours you are going to use in your business’ website. Nowadays, site uniqueness spans way further than just the wordings and content. These days most major search engines find using the exact background colours, font colours, and font types in use on another site as a naughty trick. Well, regardless of the fact that this is not the biggest SEO crime, it may end up costing you in the long run. Most amateur SEO services in Australia fail to take this small issue into consideration, and if you fail to spot it in time, you may find yourself in a ditch too.

2. Avoid overcrowding your website

Overcrowding your business’ website with too many graphics and multimedia can also lead to future complications. These complications may arise from the fact that these graphics will make your site look like a circus. Evidently, this will confuse your average visitors while, at the same time, your site will be rendered completely ineffective for web crawlers, since they are programmed to read and distinguish text ONLY. Rich content is what you really need, and your SEO services provider should work thoroughly on this. Of course, you need to include some graphics also so as to make the site look better and attractive – just don’t overdo it!

3. Avoid Over Optimisation

In most cases, unintentional over-optimisation of your website is also one thing you should look out for. Usually, most search engines appreciate and consider an extensive use and density of keywords and meta tag elements, which means that you should make it readable and comprehensible while at the same time keeping the text natural and with a good flow. Over doing it will not make you achieve anything, on the contrary, you can be labelled as spam and thus losing your ranking if not getting flagged or banned. If you sense that your SEO service provider in Australia is overdoing it, then try advise them to change the optimisation method they have used on your business site.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that monitoring and the updates made by your Digital Marketer or SEO services provider on your site is one thing you should never take lightly because you’ll be able to avoid and correct SEO mistakes before it’s too late.

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