Google Penguin 4.0 Update; A Few Things You Should Know!

The Penguin is out once more! This time, better and smarter than ever before. But! When we say “Penguin,” we are not necessarily talking about the flightless birds found in the north pole… No! We are talking about Google’s anti-spam algorithm that has reigned havoc on sloppy webmasters since its first release back in the year 2012.

Google Penguin 4.0 is the latest update of Google. Everyone is talking about the new Penguin and its effects. Now Google has released the fourth and, most probably, its last update of this fierce webspam-fighting algorithm.

googlepenguin4Brief History

Google launched the Penguin as an algorithm to fight with web spam. It was a way for them to clear all unrelated and wrong data from their search database. Evidently, they became very strict about spamming and duplicate content. Back in 2012, Google warned that those who failed to follow Google’s quality guidelines would see a drastic drop in their site’s SEO Ranking.

The Penguin’s main purpose

Since its inception, the penguin has targeted websites that failed to deliver quality and authentic content for the typical internet user. Some of the malpractices included the use of Irrelevant links, low-quality links, paid links, duplicate content, and tricks to manipulate users. Most websites that used these methods and tricks felt the pinch after the initial release. And this has gone on since the to date. Also, the release of the Penguin marked significant changes in web SEO techniques as webmasters struggled to adapt to the new “laws of the land” in this case the internet.

This year’s update, Google Penguin 4.0, came with a few tricks up its sleeves. Instead of the usual periodical checks, the new version 4.0 is a real-time algorithm prowling behind Google’s search algorithm. This means that the Penguin’s filter will be able to check for spamming on a real-time basis. Therefore, this spells doom for all sites that have been deemed spammy or inauthentic.

What makes this year’s version better?

Well, as with the previous versions, if your site got marked as spammy, it would have taken you months or even years to fix the issue. Yes! It is true that penalized websites used to suffer an extended period of low ranking even if they made the necessary changes and improvements to their content. But things have now taken a good turn for the better.

You can now say goodbye to the long waits in your website’s review and reinstatement. Due to its real-time nature, you will be able to correct any issues regarding your site’s content quality in no time. That’s not all! According to Google’s report on the new release, the penguin is now more granular than it’s previous versions. It is expected that it will be more page-specific, which means that its overall evaluation of your website will be on a page by page basis. This is good because your site’s overall search ranking won’t be affected that much by a few spammy pages, but it is advisable to steer clear of this practice.

What the future holds for the Penguin Algorithm

According to Google, the Penguin 4.0 will be the last update to the algorithm. Which means that webmasters can now relax and start familiarizing themselves with the Version 4.0. There won’t be any need to prepare for a new release or new crawling techniques.


Is the penguin live?

No! Not fully. Google reported that they are still in the process of implementing the new algorithm. Sadly, they failed to give us a precise ETA, but it is expected to be fully functional in a few weeks time. Active websites will be the first to note the new changes.


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