Find Out More About The Top 5 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors of 2016

Every year, Google makes a few changes to their SEO ranking factors to ensure that only the most optimised websites survive the cut. This fact spells doom for all Australian webmasters that fail to keep up with the new changes. According to search engine experts, this year’s top ranking factors include; backlinks, content, usability and RankBrain. Below is a full rundown on the top 5 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors.

content-marketing1. The Content

Google decided to stick to its famed motto, “Content is King,” this year. Therefore, this means that content relevance remains critical to your website’s SEO ranking. You should know that search engines view content in only two ways; relevant or irrelevant. For that reason, when coming up with �groundbreaking’ content for your website, remember to keep it as relevant as possible.

2. Your Backlinks

Did you know that the quality and authenticity of you backlinks really affect how high your website ranks? Well, according to Google experts, backlinks have always been and still are a very crucial SEO Ranking Factor. The secret to expert backlinking is simple; you just have to make sure that all your inbound links come from reputable and well-known sites, while, at the same time, all your outbound links should point to the same. Although it is prudent to warn that having links to or from low authority websites may drastically affect your SEO rank regardless of how rich the content you post may be. Because of this, you should be very keen when setting up backlinks on your web pages. Remember, the more relevant backlinks your website has, the better it will be for you in terms of ranking. But! Make sure you don’t overdo it because too many backlinks can seem spammy. This can land you in deep trouble with Google’s Anti-Spam algorithms.

3. Technical issues

Your website’s technical issues also adversely affect its overall SEO ranking. You should note that these problems can down-rank your site if not taken care of in time. As you come up with remarkable SEO Campaigns, you should also make sure that your site has minimal or no technical issues to avoid them canceling out with your campaigns. The most common technical issues include; dubious inbound links, improper redirects, duplicate content and even poor navigation. Always bear in mind that it is paramount to mitigate technical issues on your websites.

4. User engagement

User engagement is yet another critical factor that search engines are keenly looking into. Therefore, you need to put concerted efforts towards making your site’s content more engaging for visitors. According to Google, websites with very engaging content will be rewarded by being given a high rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Although it is still unclear how search engines will measure a website’s user engagement level; we’ll just have to wait and see.

5. RankBrain

Did you know that Google uses an AI from RankBrain to interpret searches that web users submit to find the pages that might not have those exact words? In Australia, most SEO experts argued that RankBrain was not really an important factor, but Google begged to differ saying that, RankBrain had a significant impact on long-tail queries. Rankbrain affects complex search queries. Therefore if you plan on using long-tail keywords, you can be sure that RankBrain will be utilized, in some ways, to determine your overall SERP rank.

Those are the top 5 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors of 2016. Ensure that you follow them strictly during your SEO campaigns, if you wish to rank better than your Australian competitors.

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