Backlinks are Still the Strongest Ranking Signal in SEO

There have been many studies in the past showing that backlinks are still the strongest ranking system in SEO. However, there are recent studies that still prove that to be just as strong, if not stronger in this day and age. Having backlinks helps your link rank higher in Google’s ranking system and brings your link to the top of the list when a keyword to your backlink is searched for. This means your link is generally within the first 50 links listed during a search.

backlinks-rankingsignalsThese studies were set forth because there was a doubt that having these links was still an important part. There are so many useful things to know when writing your content to ensure that it will be seen by the audience you are writing it for. Ensuring that you have keywords, backlinks, and the proper SEO, will help ensure that your audience can find your content.

Keywords are an essential part of content writing. It is usually advised to have approximately 4% of your words to be your keywords. Remember that your content could relate to more than one topic and you will want to use as many different words at a 4% ratio as relate to your content. This allows for your content to attract the audience of several different people who may be searching for different things. This means when someone searches for a specific topic, because your content mentions that specific topic a certain number of times, Google is going to find it more relevant to their search and bring it closer to the top of the list in their search.

Backlinks are another truly important part of content writing. You want a trail to lead to your content writing. The longer this trail is, the more your content is going to show up in Google because it registers your content that many times. It also helps add frequency to the amount of times your content is visited. The more your content is trafficked, the more you will show up in search results.

SEO is a main factor in ensuring that your content is linked to Google and it’s search engine. Google utilizes this tool to bounce your link back to itself and bring your content even closer to the top of the list.

As you can see there are many different factors in ensuring that your content is listed within the first 50 results of a search engine quarry. These factors work together to bring your content up to the top of the list. However, linking back to your content is probably the most vital. You truly need traffic for Google to realize how important your content is to that subject.

So, if you have the proper links to bounce google back to you, the proper amount of keywords for each word you want your article to relate to, and the good of the SEO, then you should have no problem being listed in the top 50 links for a Google search.

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